Space Odyssey Version 0.01

Time for the first pre-alpha release :). I have implemented a lot of stuff, the skirmish mode is basically content-complete, (but still totally lacking balancing and polishing) and I have prototypes for the first one and a half missions.
So it's now or never to get some input about what others think about the game. I am aware that there are gameplay 'issues', they have been there from day one: I have redesigned the touch control input from pure virtual analogue stick to point and click move commands (like in RTS) and partially back to throttle + direction. So far, none of the solutions felt really convincing to myself. And while the gameplay is quite exciting in 'late game' will it be interesting enough in the first missions when you see only a small part of it. Also, I am expecting to face technical issues when testing on a wide range of devices.
Anyway here's a first version for testing, I am grateful for any input, gameplay-related or technical. If you have anything to tell me, please go ahead and contact me...