Alter Nordfriedhof

Around September, we will pack our stuff and move to a different (calmer) neighbourhood. We enjoyed living in Maxvorstadt for 6 years and we're happy to move on.

I will, however, thoroughly miss the old northern cemetery - it's such a beautiful place that breathes art and history with all its old graves where knights, lords, royal privy councillors, professors and more people of strange and long forgotten professions have been buried. While being here I often thought about making some kind of paper chase game for the location and now that I'm leaving I came up with an idea that is minimalistic enough for me to build in my (no longer existent) spare time: It's a mixture of paper chase and geocaching and it gives you time to contemplate and observe. The graveyard itself consists of 4x4 parcels, and I made up a riddle for each of them. The riddle describes a certain gravestone - once identified, you check the inscription for the first year that occurs and enter it to proceed to the next parcel/riddle/gravestone. I love the simplicity of the idea together with the (potential) depth of the riddles. I also love how easy it was to build it with Unity - I was even able to do some polisihing and include GPS coordinates. For now, it's still work in progress, I'm heading for a release in Google Play next week or so. As my farewell gift for the old cemetery and everyone who visits it, it will of course be free. Anyone interested in some riddle solving can join the beta here - I'd be grateful for feedback.