Tommi Kindersoftwarepreis

Today, Knard was awarded with the german Kindersoftwarepreis Tommi.
This makes me a happy chappy, especially because, even though the nominees are selected by an adult panel of 'children software experts' the final winner of each category is selected by a jury of children. And who would know better what's good for children than... No, wait, you've had enough icecream for today!
Anyway, I am really happy that the kids seem to love what was made for the single purpose of making them happy, and this feels more rewarding than any review so far.

It also makes me terribly aware that the time of indie development seems to be over for me for the time being. With my lovely daughter keeping me busy, my indie output is converging againgst zero and I haven't even managed to publish my BabyTimer app. So here and now I promise myself that I will do so before writing another blog post. :)