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When learning something, you have to take one hurdle at a time. Too many hurdles coming together will make you stumble, fall and, in the long run, turn away.
Unfortunately the very nature of programming brings confronts you with two hurdles at once:
You have to understand algorithmic thinking on one side and programming notation on the other.
Google developed 'Blockly' to allow you to understand the first while keeping the second away from you until you are prepared for it. Blockly is a visual editor where you drag and drop instructions to solve problems. If this doesn't seem like programming to you, it's fine. It's even necessary as mentioned above. Once you mastered blockly and algorithmic thinking (and some of the latter blockly exercises are in fact quite challenging for newcomers) it's time to move on to do the actual programming.

Learn how Blockly works.
Use Blockly to solve a maze.
Draw stuff with Blockly.
Determine AI Patterns for Blockly Mario.

Processing is a rather simple programming language. It was developed at MIT and it helps newcomers to understand programming. With Openprocessing, you can start to code in your browser right away:

Learn to code in your browser.

Once you are more familiar with writing code and you are ready to take the next step, install the IDE:

Download Processing.

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