What started as a cute experiment of a rocket travelling from planet to planet soon turned into an arcade game with enemies.
With Box2D (which is integrated in LibGDX) at hand, I couldnt resist the urge to implement some little enemies that fire lasers at you and your planet.

The overall style of the game is cartoonish (or iconic?) enough so that it won't feel to much like a war game. And anyway, I loved 'Starship Troopers' so let's forget about moral standards. Anti war game ftw!
I added some asteroids for the atmosphere, some crates to collect to emphasize the effect of gravitiy fields (because its always fun to collect a crate, getting stuff in life is never that easy). I like homing missiles, so I added them and they nicely make up for the lack of control precision that you have when steering with a virtual analogue stick. All in all, shooting enemies is fun and I am hoping to build up the atmosphere of a (not all-too-serious) intergalactic war.