After throwing together quite a lot of interesting ideas/features I have something I'd call a game. Even though its different units are far from balanced, even though input is far from polished and even though its not half as accessible as I'd like it to be, the gameplay is nice and quite fun if you know how to play. I was even thinking of releasing a prototype to get some early feedback but accessability is still an issue and I wasn't really satisfied with my tutorial.
Now one of the advantages of having an 8 week old daughter is that she keeps you awake during the night and allows you to think about your indie projects. Last night, when trying to get her to sleep the solution jumped right at me:
Instead of a (rather boring) tutorial that is cramped with information, I will go the (hard and lenghty but promising) road of developing a set of missions to teach you the game. That way I can include my little story ideas I had for the game in the first place but without having to center the game all around the story mode. Once you finished the campaign and know the mechanics, the Skirmish option is unlocked.
I hope I can quickly come up with some missions and that the whole process helps me to sort out balancing issues, so I can soon submit the game to google play for something like an open beta...