Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey (working title) is my most recent project and it's my first time that I try to do really everything (gamedesign, programming, art, sounds) on my own - at least as some kind of preproduction.
Space odyssey is an arcadic (and non-casual) retro fiction RTS for android where you control your builder-unit, a rocket, with a virtual analogue stick. On various planets (each with its own gravity field), you build oil-pumps for your eco which allow you to upgrade your rocket with missiles, shields and other gadgets to make it more powerful. As you can not be everywhere at the same time and your buildings need protection you can buy planetary defense-guns or even spaceports that spawn allies. While you do so, your AI enemy builds up his own eco to construct ships (from small fighters to large destroyers or even carriers). The ultimate goal is to destroy your enemy's home planet, before they destroy yours.