A selection of the more interesting projects i've worked on over the last years.

Chaos Chronicles

"RPGs have changed over all these years. They changed. What's called a RPG nowadays wouldn't have been called a RPG some years ago. Maybe actiongames with RPG-elements but definitely not RPGs. So yeah, these days it might sound a bit like a cliche to say we're creating an oldschool RPG since a lot of Kickstarter-Projects are turning up and are trying to do the same (and prbly will succeed). But yeah, that's what we are going for. Beeing oldschool. Bringing back what was great before, revive a genre which was said to be dead. With a abstract worldmap, with turn based combat, with OGL 3.5 as the ruleset (if you don't know that one: Hell! In which sad world did you grow up? Google it!) and not a single character but a whole party. With an oldschoolish story, with dungeons to crawl and with evil creatures to fight."
(Sadly, this awesome game was canceled during development.)

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Dungeons of Dreadrock

Yay, new project: Dungeons of Dreadrock, a grid-based top-down real-time puzzle dungeon crawler.
Wait what? Imagine Dungeon Master (or Legend of Grimrock) but from a top-down perspective.
Crazy twist? Yes it is. Turns out very interesting both in terms of design and user experience.


Coming from games and programming in C#, Java and C++, the web and its languages were totally new to me until recently (i.e. a year or so). Luckily, my friend Bastian gave me the opportunity to work with him and learn from him. In the process I contributed some minor backend stuff to his PHP CMS, Kirby. If you don't know it check it out, it's awesome, this website is made with it (as well as the greater part of my other websites).



Initially aimed to become a puzzle platformer (with a much too large scope for an off-time project), Knard is an interactive story book for children. Knard is a story about a forest gnome who lives a peaceful live together with his friend the owl. One night, he has a nightmare about a wizard who's casting a dark spell using three gemstones, and (as you would expect) on the next morning finds his valley destroyed.
The project is based on the awesome LibGDX, a java open-source framework with tons of helpful features for mobile development (including, of course, desktop-debugging, as well as iOS portability). Coming from the same community, the 2D animation tool Spine harmonizes ideally with LibGDX and together they yield a state-of-the-art duo as far as 2D-animated-games for mobile are concerned.


J.A. - Crossfire

Arulco is free. But there are other countries under the bondage of war, ignored by the rest of the world. Khanpaa, a peaceful country, is suffering from the terror of paid mercenaries. However, the United Nations do not see the need to intervene. Even the public request for help made by ambassador Behnam Atiqullah, whose origins lie in Khanpaa, does not make an impact: Military intervention in the case of a religious conflict is not an option.
Khanpaa cannot expect any official help …
As a last consequence Behnam Atiqullah has only one option: To fight fire with fire. Mercenary against mercenary. An now it‘s your turn! Conquer the tormented country again. Help the suppressed people. Hire a vigorous troop of experienced mercenaries and meet old friends. First of all: Find out, why Khanpaa was turned into a bloody battleground. The answer to this question could be the key to international help.


J.A. - Back in Action

A classic that captured the minds of countless tactical role-playing game enthusiasts back in 1999. It had superb turn-based combat, mercenaries with larger than life personalities and loads of guns and gadgets. Overthrowing queen Deidranna and freeing Arulco was a quest for the ages. Jagged Alliance - Back in Action is a remake of Jagged Alliance 2.



Squar [skwaor] stands for “Square War” and is a PvP game with emphasis on strategy and only little impact of randomness. Squar is (among others) inspired by Atomic Bomberman, Worms, Mashed, the Battlefield series and the RTS genre. In the game, you control a hover tank (in the classic dual-stick way). On a chess-board-like gameboard with 15x15 squares, you build pipelines from your base to so-called energy sources. Once you connect your base with an energy source, energy begins to flow to your base. The goal is to earn a certain amount of energy before your enemy does. This is achieved by building pipelines while protecting your own infrastructure and destroying that of your enemy. For this purpose you'll find power-ups that allow you to access different weapon upgrades.



If you want to learn something, make a game with it. That's what I tell my students and it still works for me.
Last year I started out to learn web development (i.e., HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, all of which I had zero to little knowledge of). To do so in a playful manner, I created this little browser-quizgame, toghether with the possibility to create your own quizzes. Enjoy! ;)

Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey (working title) is my most recent project and it's my first time that I try to do really everything (gamedesign, programming, art, sounds) on my own - at least as some kind of preproduction.
Space odyssey is an arcadic (and non-casual) retro fiction RTS for android where you control your builder-unit, a rocket, with a virtual analogue stick. On various planets (each with its own gravity field), you build oil-pumps for your eco which allow you to upgrade your rocket with missiles, shields and other gadgets to make it more powerful. As you can not be everywhere at the same time and your buildings need protection you can buy planetary defense-guns or even spaceports that spawn allies. While you do so, your AI enemy builds up his own eco to construct ships (from small fighters to large destroyers or even carriers). The ultimate goal is to destroy your enemy's home planet, before they destroy yours.