J.A. - Crossfire

Arulco is free. But there are other countries under the bondage of war, ignored by the rest of the world. Khanpaa, a peaceful country, is suffering from the terror of paid mercenaries. However, the United Nations do not see the need to intervene. Even the public request for help made by ambassador Behnam Atiqullah, whose origins lie in Khanpaa, does not make an impact: Military intervention in the case of a religious conflict is not an option.
Khanpaa cannot expect any official help …
As a last consequence Behnam Atiqullah has only one option: To fight fire with fire. Mercenary against mercenary. An now it‘s your turn! Conquer the tormented country again. Help the suppressed people. Hire a vigorous troop of experienced mercenaries and meet old friends. First of all: Find out, why Khanpaa was turned into a bloody battleground. The answer to this question could be the key to international help.